8/10 in Stargazed Magazine!

A blank page. A completely unknown band for me who i was given the chance to review. 
A good thing is that i don´t have any preconceptions except that it might turn out to be the kind of Power Metal i get itches from (read Freedom Call). The term Power Metal is so full of bad vibes i´d like to from here on call it heavy metal.

Here we go

Ah yes the familiar sound of quite enjoyable singalong metal. And yes! I heard Herbie Langhans fantastic Jorn soundalike vocals here too. He´s becoming some kind of a favorite actually in this pond of the metal world. ”The Beast inside” comes on as third song. This is where I once again compare Herbie with Jorn and I think the latter will have a run for his money so to speak. 

I find myself just enjoy the record and completely forget about reviewing. That is a good thing! Try skillful musicians, great production and fantastic vocal performance. And that´s about it I think…

”Into the night” is a relative to Stratovarius and closer to Freedom Call but that is a song you can skip forward on. But it all fade out by the help of Herbie and thank god, they retrieve their path with a furious “Skeletor”. 

Yes the album follows a formula. But there are levels of how good or bad this is. Probably one of many bands that will never be able to be as huge as any band can be today but please give it a shot.  
“Heaven Has Fallen”, the second to last song should have switched places with “Shadows of the night” as it is a slow song and would work as a final song.

This is such a good album – Just go to your streaming platform of your own choice and listen. It is there.
Once again. Top quality through and through. 
Ah! that´s right. I need to figure out a favourite track……hmm…