Lars eng


Herbie Langhans


Tobbe Jonsson


Johan Bergqvist


Carsten stepanowicz


YEAR 2017

In the middle of 2017, Lars Eng began writing music for a new recording project.  From the outset, his objective was to create an album close to his heart and to allow the music to come out naturally. To assist him in this endeavor, Lars dug deep into his musical roots.  He studied the work of his key musical influences, including Tobias Sammet, Kai Hansen, Adrian Smith, Leo Leoni, and Wolf Hoffmann, among others.  In so doing, Lars challenged himself to distill the aspects of those artists’ work that captured his interest.  As their music filled his head, the riffs and melodies for this album essentially began writing themselves, channeling the feelings and the fire that Lars experienced upon listening to his own musical influences.

When his attention shifted to the lyrical side of the creative process, Lars soon discovered that he had stumbled onto something bigger and better than just another metal album.  In particular, he began to see a totally new story, as the topics he was writing about seemed somehow interrelated and intertwined. Having made that realization, Lars set the lyrics aside for a while and began writing an original story about the Devil (The Lightbringer), his right hand Skeletor, and their fight with the angels.

SKELETOR. Skeletor is sent to Earth by the Devil himself, with his only mission being to bring back a thousand souls for the Devil so he could rise from hell and make Earth his playground.

THE LIGHTBRINGER. The Devil himself, collector of the thousand souls, fights for his existence with the angels sent by God.


That was the basic concept for the album. But as Lars continued writing the songs, he realized that there was so much more ground to cover. More and more ideas started flowing.  Is the Devil really on his way up, or is it all in the imagination?

YEAR 2018

As he continued working on the project, Lars sought out collaborators to assist him in bringing his vision to life.  It was not an easy task, unfortunately.  To be sure, people liked the sound, the concept and the direction of the project; however, time constraints and commitments were a huge stumbling block.  Lars ultimately decided to place the project on hold.  Before doing so, he recorded the song “Skeletor” in his own studio in the middle of 2018 and launched a search for a suitable singer.  Niklas Stålvind from Wolf quickly emerged on Lars’ radar, and actually agreed to participate in the project.  Regrettably, time continued to pass, as Niklas’ involvement in Wolf’s masterpiece Feeding the Machine was taking longer than expected. Lars was determined to have Niklas on vocals for this project, so he waited for Niklas to complete the Wolf album.

YEAR 2019

As the time continued to pass, Lars became restless and felt the need to pick up this project again.  He hatched a plan to complete the first single “Skeletor,” and release it under his own flag. But he still needed a singer.  After a while, Lars got in touch with Herbie Langhans of Avantasia & Firewind.  Herbie was delighted to sing on this single, and so it came to be.  Herbie contributed vocals to “Skeletor” and really took the song to the next level.  Lars strongly believed that Herbie was a perfect match for this project and convinced him to sing on the entire album.  On November 1, 2019, The Lightbringer of Sweden released its debut single, “Skeletor.”  A month later, on December 1, 2019, the second single, “The Beast Inside of Me,” followed.

YEAR 2020

The Lightbringer of Sweden gained momentum during the year 2020.  On January 15, 2020, the band released the song “One by One,” which was followed by the release of another song, “Into the Night,” on April 13, 2020.  Finally, on July 15, 2020, The Lightbringer of Sweden released its debut album, Rise of the Beast, which was mixed and mastering by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg.

The line-up for the album is follow:
Lars Eng – Guitars, lead guitars, music, lyrics & producer
Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Tobbe Jonsson – Drums
Johan Bergqvist – Bass
Jonas Andersson – Guitar solos on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 ,7 & 8.
Niklas Dahlin – Guitar solos on tracks 8, 9 & 10

YEAR 2021

On February 22, 2021, the band released the song “Farewell” as a stand-alone single.  “Farewell” will not appear as a regular track on any The Lightbringer of Sweden album.  It’s a very heavy song about losing someone close.  The origins of the song date back long before this project; indeed, it was written a full decade earlier and was first recorded with another project called Teaser.

The line-up for the Single is follow:
Lars Eng – Guitars, lead guitars, guitar solo, music, lyrics & producer.
Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Tobbe Jonsson – Drums
Ulf Nilsson – Bass

On September 8, 2021, the band released “Free the Angels,” the first single from its forthcoming second album, The New World Order.  On “Free the Angels,” The Lightbringer of Sweden presented its new awesome lead guitarist, Carsten Stepanowicz, as a full member of the band.

YEAR 2022

In 2022, the band released another song entitled “Strike Back,” which represented the second single from the upcoming The New World Order album.  The “Strike Back” single was accompanied by a music video directed and edited by Heavy Groove Media, and in cooperation with the band’s new managing partner, Roger Hilton at Odin Management.

YEAR 2023


On the 18th of January, 2023, The Lightbringer of Sweden proudly released its second album, The New World Order, as an independent release under Ygsbostudios (Lars’ own label). The project has now become a full-fledged band with a solid line-up, and the new album is proof positive of that.  On The New World Order, the band sounds like a solid unit, and listeners can readily discern the commitment and energy in the end result.

The line-up the band are as follow:
Lars Eng – Guitars, music, lyrics & producer
Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Carsten Stepanowicz – Lead guitars
Tobbe Jonsson – Drums
Johan Bergqvist – Bass