2020-08-21 – NEW CD’S IN THE SHOP

Now there is a new CD in the shop, a standard Jewel case with a 12 page booklet




666 66 HELL




2020-08-13 – Review

9 of 10 in Metal-Temple

“The songwriting is impressive and the lyrics are deeper than a lot of bands in that genre. They are delivered with such force by the singer and the harmonies keep ringing in your head hours after listening to this album.”

“It’s not highly innovative but it’s captivating enough to draw comparisons to some of the best bands of the revival of the genre.”


2020-07-25 Review

8/10 in Stargazed Magazine!

A blank page. A completely unknown band for me who i was given the chance to review. 
A good thing is that i don´t have any preconceptions except that it might turn out to be the kind of Power Metal i get itches from (read Freedom Call). The term Power Metal is so full of bad vibes i´d like to from here on call it heavy metal.

Here we go

Ah yes the familiar sound of quite enjoyable singalong metal. And yes! I heard Herbie Langhans fantastic Jorn soundalike vocals here too. He´s becoming some kind of a favorite actually in this pond of the metal world. ”The Beast inside” comes on as third song. This is where I once again compare Herbie with Jorn and I think the latter will have a run for his money so to speak. 

I find myself just enjoy the record and completely forget about reviewing. That is a good thing! Try skillful musicians, great production and fantastic vocal performance. And that´s about it I think…

”Into the night” is a relative to Stratovarius and closer to Freedom Call but that is a song you can skip forward on. But it all fade out by the help of Herbie and thank god, they retrieve their path with a furious “Skeletor”. 

Yes the album follows a formula. But there are levels of how good or bad this is. Probably one of many bands that will never be able to be as huge as any band can be today but please give it a shot.  
“Heaven Has Fallen”, the second to last song should have switched places with “Shadows of the night” as it is a slow song and would work as a final song.

This is such a good album – Just go to your streaming platform of your own choice and listen. It is there.
Once again. Top quality through and through. 
Ah! that´s right. I need to figure out a favourite track……hmm…

2020-07-20 – Roppongi Rocks

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Metal band The Lightbringer of Sweden teams up with German vocalist Herbie Langhans, of Avantasia and Firewind fame, to create a fab 1980s metal-influenced album. A very pleasant and unexpected surprise.

What a pleasant and unexpected surprise this was! The Lightbringer of Sweden, a new band from my old Swedish hometown, teams up with German vocalist Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Firewind) and together they proceed to deliver a fabulous metal album. Guitarist and songwriter Lars Eng started work on The Lightbringer of Sweden project on his own in 2017. He eventually got a complete line-up of solid Swedish musicians, including drummer Tobbe Jonsson (whom I shared a rehearsal space with in our hometown back in the 1980s). Some of you will now Jonsson from his many years with melodic rockers Angeline. Having originally lined-up Niklas Stålvind from Wolf as singer, Eng had to look for an alternative when Stålvind became too busy with Wolf. And what a replacement he found! German vocalist Herbie Langhans has the pipes to deliver and he has the experience of recording and touring the world with different acts. The album contains a great blend of traditional heavy metal with some serious power metal influences. This is 80s-sounding metal at its best, melodic yet riff-happy. But the Swedish band manages to deliver this without sounding dated. It sounds here and now, a contemporary sound built on a rock-solid foundation of 1980s metal. “The Beast Inside of Me” and “Heaven Has Fallen” are the obligatory power ballads on the album. They work very well, although personally I care more for faster and heavier tracks such as “Fallen Angels”, “Skeletor” and “Into the Night”. The straightforward metal track “Lightbringer” is perhaps my favourite track on the album as it manages to sound like a terrific melting pot of equal parts Helloween and Accept. “Shadows of the Night” is another standout track which sounds a bit like Avantasia.

The Lightbringer of Sweden’s album “Rise of the Beast” will be released on 15th July.

2020-07-20 – REVIEW

4/5 Reviews by Torture

Okay. So. The Lightbringer of Sweden is the stupidest band name ever. And Rise of the Beast comes close to being an equally stupid album title. But, given the ominous intro set to rain and church bells, these guys are going to be huge so I better be nice. Coming into the album having heard only a couple of the youtube singles – namely The Beast Inside of Me and One by One – which were slow, cringy and good examples of how not to use Herbie Langhans there was no doubt this review would end up tearing the album to pieces. How dare they let Langhans deliver those broken lines? And really, the mediocre, stupid intro does nothing to change any views there. But then the change comes, and I must admit that first impressions can be wrong. Horribly wrong. Blending heavy and power metal in an amalgamation not entirely unlike Primal Fear or even old school Bloodbound, the guitar base is often melodic and punchy, taking more than a few hints from Judas Priest – just take that flashy lead guitar blasting through Save Us, lashing on with sweet hooks.

Right after energetic opener Fallen Angels everything slows to a near halt as the two aforementioned singles are put on display. They are both too slow and drawn out for their own good,  and the album’s good. They are luckily followed by Into the Night, which with that massive guitar lick and high energy rhythm stomp would have done well to open the album – or at least follow up on Fallen Anges to get that flow of fist pumping power metal blasting. Skeletor keeps this momentum going, and it’s these two mid album tracks where everything comes together in a speedy kickass fashion that works best given the qualities of the members. The faster numbers are just plain more fun, and it comes across most of all in the guitar showcasing how much fun Jonas Andersson and Lars Eng are having; especially as the former blasts furious soloing throughout the album, hitting sweet notes especially in tracks like album highlights Into the Night, Skeletor and Save Us. Seriously, Andersson is the real star on this album.

Herbie Langhans, aside from being just about everywhere, is a stellar vocalist and performer, able to adapt to the style and sound of any band he visits and anywhere he goes. From the Middle Eastern prog feeling of Whispers in Crimson to the AOR like airiness of his own outfit Radiant, the man owns it all, and this is no different. While many of the lyrics border on the outright cringy, Langhans delivers with his usual charisma and powerful, raspy force. Heaven Has Fallen one again takes the tempo down a notch, and while it’s not really up to par with the songs that precede it, it still works lots better than the other slow songs, perhaps mainly because of its position near the end of the album, delivering something of a break after twenty minutes of fury. To reiterate, I hadn’t expected this review to be half as positive as it ended up, but then again, I hadn’t expected to like this album, at all. It’s definitely not perfect, and those two singles still drag the album down, but as far as debuts go it’s pretty dang nice. And cheesy. We like cheesy.

Standout tracks: Into the Night, Save Us


2020-07-17 – REVIEW

7/10 in Musipedia of Metal


The Lightbringer Of Sweden: Rise Of The Beast (Self Released)

Lars Eng founded The Lightbringer Of Sweden in back in 2017 he started it with the intention of emulating his influences such as Tobias Sammet, Kai Hansen and Adrian Smith. He tapped Wolf’s vocalist Niklas Stålvind to sing on the record he was writing however Niklas turned out to be a bit too busy to contribute to the album so Eng hit up Avantasia and Firewind singer Herbie Langhans to give his vocals to the single Skeletor and then it was decided he’d sing on the whole album. So to the album and it tells the story of The Lightbringer (The Devil) and his right hand Skeletor in their war with the angels.

It’s power metal with a speed metal thrust and some thrashier tones that does put you in mind of Tobias Sammet’s and Kai Hansen’s projects, from the opening riff fest of Fallen Angels through the big single Skeletor and big ballads like Heaven Has Fallen it ticks all the boxes for a heavier style of power metal, the songs have been skillfully written, produced and performed by Eng along with a supporting cast of Tobbe Jonsson (drums) Henrik Bergqvist (bass), Jonas Andersson (Lead Guitar) and some additional solos from Niklas Dahlin on Heaven Has Fallen & Shadows Of The Night.

The real trump card though is getting Langhans on vocals though, as I feel he does these songs more justice than Stålvind could have, his soulful delivery very similar to the bands that have influenced Eng. Yes he’s not Swedish but his vocals are ideal for this style of music even on One By One which does rip off Swedish rockers Europe quite liberally. A great metal album that has been a while in production, Eng understands the genre well and has written songs on this album that any power/heavy metal fan will enjoy. 7/10